Bone Marrow Facts

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  • Canada has performed more unrelated bone marrow transplants per capita than any other nation in the world – to date 1,100 transplants have taken place.
  • Over 20 different diseases may be treated with bone marrow transplants from unrelated donors.
  • The Canadian Blood Services Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry has over 210,000 potential bone marrow donors registered.
  • Over 80,000 potential bone marrow donors are registered in Ontario.
  • 740 Canadians have donated bone marrow to Canadian and international patients.
  • Within 24 hours of receiving a request for a donor, a search of over 6.5 million potential bone marrow donors can be accomplished.
  •  The International Registry is currently made up of approximately 45 national registries.
  • Because Canada is a nation of ethnic and racial diversity, it will always be necessary to search internationally to find matching donors.