December 2018

This is an educational video the RCMP Veterans Association in conjunction with the Bruce Denniston Society have produced. – “HAVE YOU GOT A MATCH”

The video is about a Retired RCMP member who received a transplant. To watch his video


You can view other videos of interest at the following link:


15 January 2019

The Ottawa Citizen recently published an article about the progress The Ottawa Hospital is making in regard to Stem Cell research.  The article can be accessed at this link: CLICK HERE

19 January 2019

An interesting article on the challenges facing the implementation of CAR-T cell therapy was published 19 January 2019 on the CBC website:  CLICK HERE

29 May  2019

‘Giving is like a drug’:  Hamilton couple pledge bulk of their estate to create $100-million health research endowment.

GREENSVILLE, Ont. — Charlie Juravinski is, in the words of his physician, an “enigma,” an outlier at 89 years of age, who has no business (statistically speaking) being alive, but is alive just the same, and so the best medical advice doctors can offer to him is to keep doing exactly as he has been doing.  CLICK HERE

4th July 2019 – Swabbing Event 

The Ottawa chapter assisted Canadian Blood Services at a swabbing event held on July 4th for 6 year old Hillary McKibbin at the St Francis Xavier High School in Riverside South.  The goal target was exceeded with  860 new people on the Stem Cell/Marrow Registry; 53% of whom were males.  Over two days there were sixteen Ottawa Chapter and family members involved in the event to assist CBS and the McKibbin family.  Another successful swabbing event indeed !!! 

Special thanks to Steve Geddie and his Swabbing team.

Ottawa Citizen article provides more details leading up to this event.

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