Launch of the Stem Cell Patient Fund

I’m pleased to announce that the Stem Cell Patient Fund (SCPF) is finally active (
As you are aware, I have been working towards launching this project over the last couple of years to provide financial assistance to Ottawa Hospital stem patients and their families. These folks incur significant out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by public health insurance (travel from various regions of Canada to Ottawa and back home, lodging and subsistence expenses while remaining in isolation for more than 3 months post-transplant, loss of personal income while off work and meeting ongoing living expenses at home)Seed funding for the SCPF was provided by the inheritance I received from my late Dad.
The SCPF is an endowment hosted and administered by the Ottawa Hospital Foundation. The Foundation invests the SCPF capital, and investment returns are transferred to a TOH operational account which is accessed by TOH Social Workers who disburse funds to the most needy stem cell patients. The SCPF therefore represents a longterm and stable source of financial assistance specifically for the stem cell patient community.

Donations help grow the SCPF capital. Donations can be done online via the SCPF website, or by cheque to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation noting that the contribution is for the Stem Cell Patient Fund. Charitable donation tax receipts are provided by TOH Foundation.

Given the Society’s long history of supporting the stem cell patient community, the Chapter’s consideration of making a donation to the SCPF would be immensely appreciated.
Very best wishes,
Reg Theriault